DataAI - Data Analytical Intelligence

Comparison of OUReports features:
Automatic data analysis and statistics
Only reading permissions needed
Multiple databases including InterSystems
MS SQL Server, InterSystems Cache and IRIS, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC, csv,xml,json files
Built in statistics
Count, Average, StDev, CI, Correlation
Automatic report generator
SSRS Tabular, Graphics, Matrix, DrillDown, Google Charts and Maps
Report and data export. Report scheduling and sharing
Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, ...
Generate Google Earth, Google Maps, Map and Geo Charts
KML: pins, cicles, paths, polygons, tours
Easy inteface to create and share Dashboards
Add Google Charts, Map and Geo Charts to dashboards
Easy to use interface
Ad hoc reports and Google Charts and Maps for non-programmers
Secure cloud based solution
Free for individual users, free month trial for companies
We serve individual users from free of charge
Installation on company local server
Software provided
Company subscription
Dedicated web site on our server
For developers: easy RDL and KML generator
Download generated RDL report definitions, as well as KML for Google Earth and Maps
Advanced interface features
Class/Table Explorer for sys admins and developers, upload your own RDL or Crystal RPT.